Don’t Map Your Local Providers!!

What? I can hear the cries “How can we join up our services, provide good signposts,  establish better partnership and understand our communities, if we don’t map the good work that is happening?”

The mapping of service provision has become a standard activity in local authorities. Audits done by 2nd tier organisations across the voluntary & faith sector have contributed greatly, uncovering important activity largely unknown to Local Authority officers.

But such mapping exercises take a lot of time and effort. The output is a snapshot of endeavour and somewhat short of a useful tool.  In addition, provision is varied, some aren’t open daily, some don’t answer the phone and others don’t satisfy safeguarding procedures.

Following more than 20 years of community development experience we at CommunityConnect, are taking a different approach. Our drive is to ensure that people needing help can get it easily using our online process. It informs people about what type of help is available to them and what organisations locally can support them. If they can’t get hold of those organisations easily – then we’ve just developed another gap. So………….

We don’t try to map every single service or activity that is being offered in the local authority.

We invest time understanding the local area, find the key providers and build a connection with those organisations. We then validate their service information and keep the essential details accurate through our monthly update phone calls. We are not attempting to list the 500 VCS organisations who are registered in an area, we focus on the core 150ish providers who have an administrative base and can answer the phone to us! If you can’t answer the phone to us, you won’t answer it to a vulnerable person.

If an organisation doesn’t answer the phone 3 times in a row – we draft the listing until we can make contact.  If we can’t – we remove them from the list.  New providers contact us or we find them through our connection with listed providers and we quickly get them on the system.

We recognise that other activities and support provided by smaller organisations is also vital, especially groups and networks. We make sure we ‘plug in’ information available, where possible, through other sources about these activities so people can access those too.

The difference we make.  Local Authorities don’t have to spend many months mapping and recording information of highly variable quality that goes out of date.  We take the pain out of mapping and our flexible, dynamic system means we can add, remove and improve our information on an ongoing basis.

Reducing the gaps is our goal – cross sector up-to-date information is now possible!



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