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The Sat Nav of Support Services

GPS navigation works because of a constellation of satellites that provide a high level view of all that is happening on the ground.

After 30 years of the frustration of lack of joined up support services, I decided it was time to do something about it. After many false attempts and two years later, we have cracked it and it’s all because of the Sat Nav.

CommunityConnect pinpoints relevant support services through a process of triangulation.

So what do we triangulate………

1. The person. It always has to start with him or her, you or me. We don’t take too many details, just enough for a quick and simple start.

2. The circumstances. We explore what is happening and why the person is looking for help. This means people don’t have to know what support services they need – just the issues they face.

3. The provision. We list the local provision across many different categories and sectors. This information is updated every month and only includes those organisations who can respond within 24 hours to people needing help.

We’re still exploring……….

Like a Sat Nav – the beneficiary is the person who reaches their end goal. Empowering people with knowledge early, prevents the escalation of problems. It enables them to get the help they need, when they need it.At the same time – we all know that the average cost of a home visit by a public agency is £8.62, a phone call £2.83 whereas online support is 15p. The benefit to our budgets (the public purse) is significant and reducing demand on our ‘acute’ or ‘expert’ support services means more time for those people who really need them.

Let’s not be afraid of digital solutions.   NESTA’s recent work is tracking a whole range of digital solutions used by Public Agencies. We can never forget the 7% who are currently digitally excluded, yet, we don’t avoid Satellite Navigation tools because some people prefer to use paper maps!


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