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Pursuit of the Holy Grail

What ‘Holy Grail’? Well for anyone working in communities it’s ‘joined up provision’.

We long to see it, we moan it’s not there, we cajole one another for change, we develop databases (spending lots of money). We even try talking to one another!  

Yet for the 20 something years I have been working in communities, we never seem to quite achieve what’s needed.  Well, not for long anyway.

Maybe because it’s no-one’s actual world, more a series of interconnecting circles that we are all part of but none of us own.  Maybe it’s just human nature that we work in silos, only looking over the wall when we need to and so we’re not committed to the time it takes to keeping the connections.  Maybe we’re all just too busy and under-resourced!

Could it be that this Holy Grail is unattainable or are we all just a bit scared that we might have to accept that we’re not the only support around?  I’m sure that couldn’t be true, yet every time I have set up a new programme or service, it has quickly developed into a more ‘rounded’ provision.  ‘People need more than one thing,’ I cry.  ‘People come to us cos they feel safe, they might not go elsewhere’.  So the ESOL trainer, starts to help people with housing issues, welfare benefits etc.

Could it be we actually quite enjoy our growing knowledge that we can share and help people with? Are we willing to recognise the expertise and knowledge in another organisation might be better than ours?!

Yet – what if, there was a tool that enabled people to genuinely find out the answers themselves, maybe with assistance initially and in the ‘digital by design’ world, it became easier to get to the right person for the right service.

That’s the road we’ve taken – a journey of mapping services, building pathways, overcoming technical disasters and changing behaviours to see if we can be the first to truly discover the Holy Grail.  Follow us on our pursuit….[and start with the short animation on this page]

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